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Increasing reliability and accessibility of Machinery through Lube Oil testing

ATLAS lube oil testing laboratory provides a full range of tests to support oil condition monitoring and other testing necessities. Our accurate measure and monitor the oil quality and try to optimise operational performance of your machinery. Our oil testing services are widely appreciated in the industry.

Appearance Visual Visual Visual
Acid Number D664, D974 177, 139 6618, 6619
Ash D482 4 6245
Ash Sulphated D874 163 3987
API - Gravity D287 200 3675, 12185
Base Number D2896, D4739 276 3771
Blotter Spotting Test
Cloud Point D2500 219 3015
Colour D1500 196 2049
Conradson Carbon Residue D4530 398 10370
Copper Strip Corrosion D130 2160
Density @ 15° C D4052 365 12185
Flash Point - SetaFlash D3828 303 3680
Flash Point - SetaFlash D3828 303 3680
Fuel Dilution D322, D3524, D3525 23 FTIR
Glycol E2412 FTIR
Insolubles D893 3735
Nitration E2412 FTIR
Oxidation E2412 FTIR
Particle Count 4406, 4407, NAS
Pentane Insolubles D893 3735
Pour Point D97 15 3016
Ramsbottom Carbon Residue D524 14 4262
Soot E2412 FTIR
Spectro Chemical Analysis D6595
Specific Gravity D287, D1298 3675,12185
Sulphation E2412 FTIR
Total Acid Number (TAN) D664, D974 177, 139 6618, 6619
Total Base Number (TBN) D2896, D4739 276 3771
Viscosity @ 40° C D445 71 3104
Viscosity @ 100° C D445 71 3104
Viscosity Index D2270 226 2909
Water D95 74 3733
Water – Karl-Fisher D6304
Wear Metals D6595

ATLAS lube oil testing laboratory is a lubricating oil testing and analysis research centre. Doing Engine Oil and lubricating oil examination and testing for about 7 years. ATLAS lube oil testing lab has been giving Engine oil testing and analysis to driving multinational organisations for their oil condition monitoring.

What is lube oil testing?

Lube oil is one of the basic elements for operating any sort of machinery. Lube oil is in charge of oil and cooling of the parts which are working with respect to each other, offering to ascend to frictional and different sorts of weights on the machinery. As tested on lube oil properties, to keep up these while in operation the lube oil must be checked time to time both on load up and in shore research facility.

Lube oil testing of vital systems like main propulsion plant, assistant motors, air compressors, controlling rigging and so on must be routinely checked to monitor the performance and health of the machinery. It might differ from at regular intervals or once in a month for lube oil tests. The installed lube oil tests are completed by taking specimens from the examining point, which ought to be situated after the system, with the machinery is in running condition. Before taking the sample, the oil must be depleted so that stale oil in the examining point is expelled.

ATLAS lube oil testing research centre

ATLAS lube oil testing research centre gives quality and condition evaluation of oils utilised in motors and other equipment. We incorporate investigation programs for substantial, high-esteem motors and drive-trains, turbines, ships, trains, generators, compressors and other important machinery.

Lube oil testing helps customers limit exorbitant down-time and repairs by alarming the client ahead of schedule, creating issues before they turn out to be costly and expensive disappointments. ATLAS lubes oil makers with quality control, detailing, R&D, and capability testing.

Working on a worldwide platform, ATLAS lube oil testing lab offers definite lube oil testing results and reports, displayed in a simple to understand format at very reasonable rates. The analytical testing laboratory and testing programme after examining the oil give a detailed test report which includes the condition of the lubricating oil and also the corresponding issues with the machinery. On scrutiny and examination of the lube oil, we can pin point if the machinery is having problems with gears, bushings, bearings, clutches, piston and critical components in the system. Important issues with the lube oil such as water in oil, base number, viscosity or additive depletion, sediments can be detected.

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