About Us

Atlas Lab - About Us

ATLAS was founded in the year 1993 as a self financed organisation for the inspection of goods Quantity & Quality Control in national and international trade.

ATLAS is employed for Third party Inspection for the purpose of supervision, inspection, verification and certification of commodities on behalf of its clients so that the Contractual Specifications with regard to sale or purchase agreement are met with.

In today’s global business enviorment, national and international traders, manufacturers, consumers, producers, government organisations demand reliable and factual monitoring of their consignments and here our skill can be relied on for fast, accurate, independentant, sampling, analysis and the issuance of Inspection Certificate and Reports.
Our inspectors have considerable Marine and Cargo Survey experience and a vide range of technical resources to provide you with precise, high quality service, inspection, quality assurance and assessment.

Our inspectors are fully conversant with internationally accepted sampling and weighing procedures, enabling them to obtain a true reflection of the cargo/discharged weight.

ATLAS co-operates with many Insurance Companies in loss prevention and the evaluation of the risks associated with shipping, air, rail and inland related operations.

ATLAS has been recognized by many companies and parties as and independent and unbiased survey and inspection company. All its first class services can be handled by any of its branches located at major cities and ports all over India. Hence in having “ATLAS?as its inspection and survey company, our clients are sure to be assisted and guided by a well structured and capable supervision company.

ATLAS also believes in determination of Quality and hence has a very well equipped laboratory with qualified chemists undertaking all chemical and physical analysis as per Indian Standards, British Standards, European Standards, American Standards and/or the clients requirements/specifications.


 Our Mission

To constantly upgrade and not only to achieve but to exceed our customers and clients expectations with regards to Testing, Analysis, Quality, Assurance, Inspection and Certification


 Our Approach

To strive for perfection and give service which is par excellence


 Our Vision

We aspire to be the most effective, competitive, consistent, productive, vigilant, knowledgeable organization with clarity of purpose

"Your satisfaction is our priority"